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Villa la Angostura located in Neuquén, Patagonia Argentina, just 86 km away from San Carlos de Bariloche and some 1600 km from Buenos Aires a paradisiacal destination counting with it's own sky center Cerro Bayo.



Villa la Angostura Argentina

Bariloche is just 86 km away from Villa la Angostura both sharing same majestic Nahuel Huapi lake surrounded by mountains. The beautiful Puerto Manzano zone receives most of international tourism.

Cerro Bayo is the sky center and you can visit also Lomas del Correntoso to find out the most comfortable lodgings: cabins, inns, appart hotels.

In your Villa la Angostura travel you can't miss: bosque de arrayanes, and camino de los 7 lagos excursions.

Villa la Angostura

Mountain Village

Mountain Village Cabins, Lomas del Correntoso.
Features: Offers cabins, lofts and inn suites.
Prices: Medium

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AA4S Inn

AA4S Inn, Puerto Manzano
Features: close to ski center Cerro Bayo, in-out swimming pool inn.
Prices: Luxury

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Villa la Angostura DA15 Apart Hotel

Apart Hotel DA15 Lomas del Correntoso.
Wide gardens and park appart hotel service and promotions.
Prices: Medium-Low

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Villa la Angostura RA

RA Cabins, port and beaches zone.
Near Villa la Angostura center. Sauna, swimming pool with lake view.

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Villa la Angostura Inn

LS Inn,
High comfort, swimming pool.
Prices: Medium

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Las Ramblas InnLas Ramblas Inn
Features: luxury inn in nature with exquisite restó.
Prices: Medium

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Amanecer Cabins

forest surroundings, high capacity cabins in Puerto Manzano.
Prices: Medium

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Colina del Manzano Cabins

Colina del Manzano Cabins ,
luxury suites with swimming pool in Puerto Manzano.
Prices: Medium-Luxury

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