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Sao Paulo
São Paulo state, Brazil



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It has been called the largest city in Latin America. Sao Paulo has more than 40,000 beds to host the constant traffic of visitors.

Some Sao Paulo interesting zones are: Vila Olimpia, Jardins, Pinheiros, Higienópolis, Itaim Bibi, Centre where 80% of hotels, restaurants are.

Also is there 2 famous zoos that are catalogued between the top 15. Sao Paulo Zoo and Simba Safari.

The cosmopolitan life of the city is synthesized in Os Jardins, which comprises the districts Cerqueira Cesar, Jardins Paulista, Paulistano, americas and Europe.

Sao Paulo Museum

Museum, Sao Paulo

São Paulo Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo Brasil

Picture: Sao Paulo, Brasil at night

Image: Night life in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo SP

Sao Paulo Footbal Club, Brazil

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