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Puerto La Cruz Anzoátegui state, Venezuela



Puerto la Cruz

This city is one of the biggest attractions of Venezuela. The beaches are on the outskirts of the city, such as Isla de Plata, Conoma and Arapito, have a great beauty, being front door of one of the most beautiful parks in the country, Mochima National Park. Since its port, the main part ferry linking Margarita with the mainland, and also can navigate the islands surrounding the city, including The Chimane, armadillo and Borracha

In Puerto de la Cruz channels have been established elegant estates, with jetties themselves, where people can use boats and yachts as a means of transportation.

Puerto la Cruz has some fifteen beaches and other attractions like ports and national parks.

Puerto la Cruz

Puerto la Cruz

Puerto de la cruz

Puerto de la cruz

Faro in Puerto la Cruz Venezuela

Photo: Faro, Puerto la cruz

Puerto la cruz, Faro

Photo: Beach

Venezuela Sunset

Venezuela, sunset in Puerto la Cruz

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