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Praia do Rosa
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Praia de Rosa

It's name means "Rose Beach" and is often mentioned as the Playa do Rosa in spanish. It is a place of great beauty 14 kilometers away from Garopaba, in the borough of Imbituba. A combo mix where natural beauty, restaurants and accommodations integrated into the natural setting, with dunes as Rosa Beach is among the Serra do Mar and crowned with the ocean dunes, lagoons and even small islands. In the vicinity are also Garopaba, Silveira and Ferrugem.

Praia da Rosa is one hour by car south of Florianopolis. Its beaches are still relatively untouched.

Praia do Rosa

Photo: Praia do Rosa, Santa Catarina

Praia do Rosa, Santa Catarina

Praia do Rosa is a surf paradise and most of people coming this destination are precisely surfers.

Hotels in Praia do Rosa

Bangalos do Rosa Bungalows

Bangalos do Rosa, Praia do Rosa
Features: located in hill 500 meters from beach and 20 from center. Just 5 exclusive bungalows.

Price: Medium

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Vida Sol e Mar Beach Village Eco Resort

Vida Sol e Mar, Praia do Rosa
Características: impressive touristic lodge:Beach Village and Eco Resort

Beach Village: 30.000 m2 green area in front of Praia do Rosa with 12 high level houses located 50 to 100 m from beach.

Eco Resort: units with phone, minibar, TV, DVD, along 50.000 m2 of green area through the beach
Price: Luxury

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Praia do Rosa Studios do Barao

Posada Studios do Barao, Praia do Rosa
Características: apenas 4 studios y una suite a 400 metros del mar.

Cabañas equipadas con bella vista panorámica, estacionamiento, piscina, atención personalizada y precios convenientes. Desayunos regionales, bar de piscina.
Price: Medium

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Praia do Rosa Hotels

Morada dos Sissais Inn

Morada dos Sissais Inn, Praia do Rosa beach
Features: delicious inn with panoramic ocean view and just 300 meters from beach. A nice place where you can enjoy waves sound in middle of nature where lagoons and sea meets.

Pousada Morada dos Sissais offers luxury apartments and lofts. Room service, safe parking, barbecue, brazilian breakfast with great beach view. Security box, credit cards accepted.
Price: Medium - Luxury

Estrada Geral do Rosa s/n - Praia do Rosa - Imbituba
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