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Porto Seguro Bahia state, Brazil.



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Porto Seguro is on the Atlantic coast in between Salvador and Vitória. At about 700 km south of Salvador 60 km connects with the famous highway BR101. The flavor of Porto Seguro is on the people and beaches. Already covering an area of almost 80 km of beaches with crystalline waters and fine white sand, in the midst of a tropical climate of torrid summer heat desirable and the rest of the year.

There is no shortage in Porto Seguro bars and restaurants with or without live shows. Besides being a place suitable for water sports. Some Porto Seguro photos and pictures:

Sunset in Brazil

Porto Seguro Bahia

Porto Seguro Bahia

Porto Seguro Beach

Porto Seguro Beach

Porto seguro Brasil

Photo: Porto seguro Brasil

Porto seguro Brazil

Photo: Porto seguro sea in Brazil

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