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Porto de Galinhas Pernambuco state, Brazil



Porto das Galinhas Brazil

Is about 70 km from Recife. The sea in Porto de Galinhas is very clear, ideal for snorkeling and diving do. Many of the beaches and reefs are innumerable natural pools. Porto has everything for tourists: high waves for surfing, Jang, buggys for rent and stroll through the sand, ultra-light (it is very nice to see the natural pools from above!), Waterfalls and night

Porto das Galinhas and Porto Galinhas are other names for the same destination.

Photos of Porto de Galinhas

Porto Galinhas Brasil

Photo: Porto Galinhas Brasil

Porto de Galinhas Brazil

Porto de Galinhas Brazil

Porto das Galinhas

Porto das Galinhas

Praia de Porto de Galinhas

Praia de Porto de Galinhas (Beach)

Beaches: Maracaípe beach with good waves for surfing, where championships are made constantly, and you can rent tables for surf. Cambôa beach: without waves, good for a stroll in the sand Buggy. At low tide appear beautiful natural pools Muro Alto: With a wall of natural reefs form a pool cutting the open sea. Cupe: Reef on the north side, the beach is more beautiful and more quiet, with coconut trees.

Porto de Galinhas Hotels

Beach Class Resort

Beach Class Resort
Muro Alto
, Porto de Galinhas
Features: Some 250 units, divided between 192 well appointed bedrooms and 60 bungalows all with modern services for you to enjoy your stay.

Pousada Eco Porto

Pousada Eco Porto
Features: Spacious bedrooms , standard amenities, breakfast room and a pool bar with terrace overlooking the ocean, reading room and a comfortable lounge is also at your disposal.


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