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Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil



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Petrópolis in Brazil is known as the Imperial City and is located at the Rio de Janeiro (RJ) state. It is a historical city and very popular in summer as one of the main attractions of the summer palace of the emperors Brazilians, now a museum on imperial history.

So Petrópolis it's considered a historical city. Located just 68 km from Río de Janeiro has good restaurantes, and nice hotels and it's part of national park (Parque Nacional Serra dos Orgãos).

On Mondays shops and historical center attractions are closed.

Imperial Museum

Imperial Museum, Petropolis

Petrópolis Brazil

Petrópolis, Brazil

Petropolis Brasil

Photo: Petropolis, Brazil

Petropolis RJ

Petropolis, RJ Rio de Janeiro


Petrópolis, Brazil


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