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Morrocoy Falcón state Venezuela's northwest between Tucacas and Chichiriviche you find Morrocoy National Park



Morrocoy Venezuela

Venezuela beaches are remarkable. Venezuela is Caribe and much more than transparent and clear waters. It's a place where green and sun meets and National Parks contribute to that beauty.

On Falcón state, at northwest of Venezuela, between Tucacas e Chichiriviche, Morrocoy National Park is located. You can get from there many islands and cayos.

Morrocoy beaches are incredible but can't either loose the famous cayos: Sombrero, Sal, Playuela and Peraza.

Cayo Punta Brava Morrocoy Venezuela

Cayo Punta Brava, Morrocoy Venezuela



Cayo Sombrero

Cayo Sombrero


Morrocoy Venezuela

Transparent waters allow seeing fishes, turtles and dolphins.


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