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Alagoas state, Brazil.



Maceió Brazil

Located in the state of Alagoas Maceió is one of the most famous beaches among travelers who visit Brazil. Their natural pools, postcard landscapes, bars and pubs on the side of the beach, gaps and its exquisite seafood-based cuisine, couscous and tapioca makes Maceio one of the beaches that you should not fail to know and enjoy.

The beaches of Maceió are divided into two regions. The northern coastline of which is the highest amount of natural pools and is also called "coast of corals". Paripueira: It's main attraction is that the pits are among the largest concentrations of natural pools in the world. The water temperature in the pits is between 27 and 30 degrees. Other beaches: Barra de Santo Antônio, São Miguel dos Milagros, Playas de Porto de Pedras.

Japaratinga: is now a major tourist centre in Maceió and the exotic beauty of its beaches is fascinating. The sea is calm Japaratinga, without waves and warm waters that allow delicious rides Jang (sort of typical fishing raft for the Northeast of Brazil) until natural pools.

Photos of Maceió

Maceiķ Brasil

Photo: Maceió Brasil

Maceiķ Alagoas

Photo: river to the beach in Maceió Alagoas

Maceio Beach

Maceio Beach, Brazil

Maceio Alagoas

Photo: Maceio Alagoas, storm in the beach

Ponta Verde

Ponta Verde

Beaches Southern Coast: The southern coastal region offers a variety of lakes and mangroves dream. There are 17 lakes that flow into the sea, offering the traveler all sorts of activities and one of the most beautiful views in the area, among those are Coruripe, Feliz Deserto, and Barra de São Miguel.

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