Los Roques National Park


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Los Roques Bolivar state, Venezuela



Los Roques Venezuela, Photos

It's a fantastica National Park, therefore Los Roques has restrictions on construction: No big luxury hotels, but a wide variety of inns (posadas), from the most simple and unpretentious to the most luxurious, which prides itself with it's gastronomy.

Almost all the inns are located in El Gran Roque, from where boats depart to the various islands. It is also possible to stay in a sailboat or a yacht, ranging traveling from one island to another

Los Roques Pictures

Los Roques

Photo: Los Roques caribbean sea

Los Roques

Photo: birds agains blue sky in Los Roques

Island, Los Roques.

Los Roques Venezuela

Picture: Los Roques, Venezuela cyan sea.

Los Roques

Photo: Archipielago Los Roques, shells.

The seabeds of archipelago Los Roques are high ranked and of the most georgeous of the Caribbean. Mainly because of variety of marine life; eventually one may watch whale sharks and dolphins.

Diving visibility in the archipielago ranges 12 to 19 m and up to 30 in some cases.

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