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Ilha do Mel
Paraná state, Brazil



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This one is a promissing honeymoon destination Ilha do Mel means "honey island" and is considered an ecological station where slow hills and beach meets.

3 most valuable beaches in Ilha do Mel are Praia da Fortaleza (1 hour walking or 10 minutes in boat). Praia do Farol with strong waves (5 minutes walking access) and Praia Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres where you can see Superagui and Peças islands and cannons from XIX and XVIII

Ilha do Mel

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Beach Ilha do Mel

Beach, Ilha do Mel

Brasil beach

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Forte Nossa Senhora Dos Prazeres

Forte Nossa Senhora Dos Prazeres,

Pousadas Ilha do Mel

Recanto da Fortaleza

Pousada Recanto Da Fortaleza Inn, Ilha do Mel
Features: It has about 10 rooms with view to beach and sea. The inn serves breakfast and meals. Recreation Sports: For sports the inn has bicycles, boat, fishing equipments.

Ephira Pousada

Éphira Pousada Inn, Ilha do Mel
Features: Inn has 10 rooms with TV and Ice box. It serves breakfast and meals. Has boat, scuba/snorkeling and fitness center.

Pousada Praia do Farol

Pousada Praia do Farol Hotel, Ilha do Mel
Features: The hotel has 15 rooms. All with beach and ocean view, rooms have air conditioning and ice box. Has a convenience store and supplies equipment for beach.


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