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Bariloche located in Rio Negro, Patagonia Argentina, attracts tourism from all over the world. Consider visiting: Cerro Catedral, Colonia Suiza in your Bariloche trip.


Hotels in San Carlos de Bariloche

Bariloche offers the best lodging possible whether you want to be inserted in the nature or the city From San Carlos de Bariloche Centro Cívico to Llao Llao you will find Inns, Appart, Hotels, Cabins, Bungalows and Spa Resorts.

Hotels in Bariloche

Bariloche SYZ  Bungalows

SYZ Bungalows, Bustillo km 10,6 Features: Bungalows & Cabins lake view or Catedral view.
Prices: Medium

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BR25 Bungalows

BR25 Bungalows, Pioneros km 2,5 Features: 2-8 persons bungalows 3 minutes from center, lake view.
Prices: Medium

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HR Bariloche InnHR Bariloche Inn, just in front of Nahuel Huapi lake, city center.
A traditional in with very good location on Bariloche's city center near restaurants. Personal attention and delicious breakfasts with regional products. Single to quadruple rooms with deprived bathroom, cable TV, heating system, phone and private parking. It offers optional services like car rental, excursions and meals in restaurants.

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Bariloche AO6AO6 Cabins, Bustillo Av. km 6. Features: In front of Nahuel Huapi lake, capacity for 2 up to 6 persons and affordable prices.
Prices: Medium-Low

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Village Catedral Spa Resort

Village Catedral Resort Spa , Cerro Catedral sky center base. Features: Luxury spa near sky lifts, swimming pool.
Prices: Medium-Luxury

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Bariloche Downtown Inn

Downtown Inn, Bariloche city center. Features: lake view on Bariloche city center and regional breakfasts with affordable prices.

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Bariloche SA7 Inn

SA7 Inn, Bustillo km 7. Features: Amazing lake view, cool deck and breakfast on Nahuel Huapi.

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Bariloche Buena Vista Bungalows

Buena Vista Bungalows, Bustillo km 23. Features: Gorgeous lake view deluxe bungalows 2-6 persons

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Bariloche JE4 Bungalows

JE4 Bariloche Bungalows, Pioneros km 4 Bariloche. Features: 3 star small and big bungalows.
Prices: Medium

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LC5 Bungalows

LC5 Bungalows, Bustillo km 5 Features: Cabins & bungalows 2-6 persons, lake view.
Prices: Medium

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Bariloche Lake Coast Bungalows

Bariloche Lake Coast Bungalows, circuito chico km 20 Features: Bungalows with private lake beach.

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P10 Lake View Inn

P10 Lake View Inn , Bustillo km 10 Features: Regional breakfast, great lake view and single to 4 persons rooms
Prices: Medium

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Gutierrez Lake Inn

Gutierrez Lake Inn, Gutierrez lake coast Features: Inn with special suites with hydro at lake river
Prices: Medium

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AO7 Cabins

AO7 Cabins, 7 blocks from centro cívico Features: 2-4 persons lake view cabins 700m from center.
Prices: Medium

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Bariloche CADT Downtown Hotel

Bariloche CADT Dowtonw Hotel, Bariloche city center. Features: centric location and lake view, provides breakfast or breakfast plus meal not opened from 18/6 to 6/1/07.
Prices: Medium

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