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Fernando de Noronha Pernambuco state, Brazil



Fernando Noronha Brazil

Brazil is taking care of Fernando de Noronha. This an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, of 220 miles (some 350 km) away from the coast.

Fernando de Noronha has some 20 islands and is usually a highligh for cruises, what may be interesting for travellers, but perhaps not for the spirit they try to mantain. You must pay a preservation tax before landing there and only guests with travel packages or at least lodging reservations are allowed. Is a expensive place to stay and they raise taxes incrementally to invite tourism to stay short time (what is good for environment, the treasure there)

Weather is tropical and rainy season goes from January to August, while dry takes September to Decembers last days. Fernando de Noronha is paradisiacal scuba diving temple in Brazil. Richest fauna and flora can be seen for those who has privilege to swim there.

See it with your own eyes: Fernando de Noronha images talk by itself.

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha

Bahia dos Porcos

Bahía dos Porcos

Fernando De Noronha Brasil

Photo: Fernando de Noronha Brasil

Noronha beach

Noronha beach, excellent climate.

Praia do Sancho

Praia do Sancho

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