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Inside Hennry Pittier National Park, in Araguá State, mixing caribbean sea with high hills full of green nature, in that place is Choroní.

Choroni has good beaches for fishing and tourism, counting with all services. Henri Pittier National Park has the richest birds diversity in the world.

Choroní beaches are full of restaurantes and bars to taste local food.


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Antique Houses in Choroni

Antique houses in Choroní

Beaches of Choroni Venezuela

Choroní Venezuela

Puerto Colombia

Other beaches near Choroní are Playa Escondida, Valle Seco, Cepe, Chuao, Puerto Maya. 10 min away from town you find Puerto Colombia, another colonial styled town where Playa Grande beach is located, and also the port that allows to access crossing the sea beaches like Chuao and Cepe.

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