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Angel Falls Bolivar state, Venezuela




Angel Falls Venezuela

Without Angel Falls your trip to Venezuela is incomplete. Located at Canaima National Park, Venezuela, Angel Falls are a trip highlight.

Salto del Angel (Angel Falls) pictures

Angel Falls

Angel Falls

Angel Falls Venezuela

Angel Falls, Venezuela

Salto Del Angel

Salto Del Angels

Salto Del Angel

Salto del Angel Photo

These enormouse waterfalls are located in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela, South America. Is there many camps where you can sleep to visit this wonder.

Angel Falls Hotels

Canaima Camp - Hoturvensa

Canaima Camp - Hoturvensa, Angel Falls
Features: Comfortable, functional camp with almos 100 double and triple rooms with fans and private bath. A large
indigenous-style structure (churuata) serves as a dining hall with complete service of lunch and dinner, bar, etc. Professional hotel service. It was one of the pioneers in the country with the concept of adventure tourism. 

Ucaima Camp - Jungle Rudy

Ucaima Camp - Jungle Rudy, Angel Falls
Features: This camp, with a maximum capacity of 26,
has 4 cabins with 6 double rooms, 4 triples and 1 matrimonial. Each room has fans, private bathroom, and a small porch with hammocks. The central house has restaurant and bar, where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served with typical Venezuelan meat, fish, salads, etc

Parakaupa Camp

Parakaupa Camp, Angel Falls
Features: Churuatas with 8 rooms, private bathroom, cold water and fan. Restaurant service. Equipped with Private bathrooms, ventilators, mineral water and ice. Here, one breathes the intense air typical of humid tropical forest, with jungle and unique native flora, all within a environment of great visual and ecological value.

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